If you could dramatically improve student performance while saving time and effort — wouldn’t you do it?

With  MarkBook®  Class Management Software, you can take care of your Student Recordkeeping, not only track, analyze and improve student achievement, prepare and distribute personalized, Professional Reports, effectively and easily communicate with students and parents,  and get back to your Life and Class even faster!

Hi, I’m Dennis. I'm a teacher...

When my partners and I started the Acadiem Group and began to develop MarkBook in 1998, we had no idea of the impact it would have on students and teachers around the world. I’m grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to be of service to the educational community.

I’m very proud to introduce the latest advancements in MarkBook for hard working teachers like yourself!

Our Browser-based MarkBook!    

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  • Browser based - requires no installation.
  • Use your Chromebook, Windows®, or macOS® laptop/desktop, iPadOS or Android tablet.
  • Faster and even more secure.
  • Easier printing using popular browsers.
  • An HTML5 Web Application, Flash not required.
  • Our existing MarkBook® for Windows application continues to be available.

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Why MarkBook® ?

Why MarkBook®? Using MarkBook® Class Management  Software can make you a better teacher by improving your students' performance on Assignments and motivating them to better Achievement and Evaluation before the Final Grade is determined.   
   Click the Picture to View the 13 minute video "Why MarkBook®?"      

The Power of our Traditional

MarkBook® for Windows®, only



More Secure

More Features

More Convenient


With Mobile Tablets and Chromebooks, you can securely access MarkBook® from ANYWHERE!

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This Web Application of MarkBook® uses full Microsoft Azure 256-bit Advanced Service Encryption to secure your data safely!

These stunning Dashboards help you to easily manage and maintain your Classes...

With MarkBook® you get the Power to:

Record, analyze and report Student Achievement with a powerful feature set of tools to enhance Communication with Parents, Students and Administration and still have time for your busy life.

Convenient Features

Easily install Class Data for a Quick Start.

Seating Charts

Create seating charts with photos and analysis;

Data Collection and Management

Print a variety of forms to make data collection a Breeze;

Generic Import

Import and update class rosters from selected school information systems;

Professional Analysis

Achieve a great overview of Performance.

Track Attendance

Record and analyze Attendance; and more...

Professional Judgement

Adjust Final Grades by Informed Professional Judgement;

Class & Student Reports

Easily Create Individual and Class Reports.;

Authentic Assessment

Measure Student Achievement effectively.

Analytic Tools

Track and Analyze Student Performance Over Time;

Flexible Calculations

Select from multiple Calculation Methods for Grade Analysis;

Easy Communication

Use hardcopy, email and on-demand Reports with CONNECT.

And there is SO MUCH More!

MarkBook® has been tested in many environments including Grade School, High School, and IB (International Baccalaureate) Programs.

You NEED the Cloud Version of MarkBook® for FOUR Simple Reasons:

ONE: Your students will achieve better results and have a better understanding of the assessment process!

TWO: You’ll have more time to work with students and enhance your professional image.

THREE: It’s powered by the same, industry-leading software thousands of teachers already use everyday to stay on top of their reporting, records, and a LOT more…

FOUR: It’s only  $39.95 for a 12 month subscription!

Try MarkBook® Class Management Software for 30 days and if during that time you are not completely happy for any reason, we will cancel your subscription and give you a full refund!

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I suppose the best question that I can ask at this point is:
What Will YOU do With All That Extra time?

The answer to that question is, (as individual as you are) but I have a feeling that it will be worth a LOT more to you than the low price that we are offering!

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No, come to think of it, My Guess Is you’ve got more to accomplish with your time, and You KNOW A Valuable Tool When You See One. So Go Ahead, Click The  Button Now And Get Started With The New Version of MarkBook® While It’s Fresh In Your Mind!

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