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Now you can use MarkBook on many Smart devices, including tablets, phablets and newer smartphones as well as your desktop or portable computer!



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New Features!



  • No Installation: MarkBook® is a Web Application that requires no installation and may be accessed with a Chromebook, Windows or macOS laptop, an iPad or Android tablet. Written entirely in HTML5, it is not dependent on any browser add-ins such as Flash and is fully compatible with Chromium-based browsers.

  • New Features: Your favourite Features for creating, importing and updating your Classes. Generating more welcoming comments and reports!

  • Secure: Your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud in an ultra-secure Microsoft Azure server. You never have to worry about data loss as backup is automatic.

  • Convenient: Use MarkBook at school or at home. You don’t have to copy and carry data with you. When you login anywhere, you just continue from where you left off.

  • Support: MarkBook provides you with guides and video tutorials to help you get started. As well, your MarkBook subscription includes unlimited e-mail support. 

  • Inexpensive: Just $39.95* (plus applicable taxes) per year for the most powerful class management software available anywhere. Volume discounts are available to school districts. Every year thousands of teachers buy MarkBook for themselves rather than use the software provided by their school district.

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